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Cougars Prey Dating Site Review: Find Love & Adventure for 1 Night

Looking for an open-minded dating site? Check out Cougars Prey! This dating site is perfect for those seeking both short-term and long-term relationships, as well as one-night stands. It's also popular among the LGBT, BDSM, kink, and fetish community. Plus, it's available to people of all ages, both free and paid versions. Read our Cougars Prey review and join an open-minded community today!
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  • BDSM, kink, and fetish friendly
  • Large open-minded community
  • Hosts real-life events & parties
  • The free version is limited
  • There are many erotic photos of users
Cougars Prey Dating Site Review

Nowadays, dating sites have become increasingly popular, and Cougars Prey dating site is one of the newest ones to hit the market. It is a great choice for those looking to find someone to spend time with without having to build a relationship, as well as for those who are seeking one-night stands. It is also popular among the LGBT, BDSM, kink, and fetish community and is available to people of all ages, both free and paid versions. Thus, this service is a great option for those who are looking for both short-term and long-term relationships. Read our Cougars Prey review and join an open-minded community.

Reputation and History of Cougars Prey

Cougars is the ultimate dating site for mature singles looking for real connections. With an enormous and worldwide base, you can be sure you’re meeting real people for real dates. We make it easy to arrange meetups and confirmed dates, all without a single penny. The premium version may not guarantee you a long-term relationship, but it does statistically increase your chances of finding your perfect match. Whether you’re looking for a short-term fling or a long-term relationship, the Cougars Prey website can help you find the perfect match quickly and easily.

The site warmly invites those who are searching for a partner to join:

  • Approximately 200,000 people are active on a weekly basis.
  • The approximate number of women is 60%, and men are 40%.
  • The subscribers are subsequently displayed with their respective profile pictures.

Cougars Prey Sign-Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Cougars Prey login

To get started, click on the “Sign Up” option that appears on the homepage.

  • The first thing they will ask you to do is enter your age.
  • After that, you need to provide your email address and password. Your location will then be determined automatically, but you can also enter it manually.
  • You must then select the gender option that interests you, such as male for female, female for male, or even male for male.
  • Email verification is required to gain access to the Cougars Prey dating website, and a link will be sent to you for this purpose.
  • Finally, you can complete your profile according to your sexual preferences at any time.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Whenever you log in, it is important to take the time to build a comprehensive profile. Look at this article about tips for writing a dating profile. Investing the effort to craft a quality profile and include a great photo will give you the best chance of finding your ideal match.

  • SSL encryption aids in weeding out fraudulent activity on the website.
  • To build an effective profile, you should include personal details such as your sexual orientation, height, ethnicity, age, religion, and location.
  • Additionally, uploading a profile picture can help you attract the right match. The more comprehensive your profile, the easier it will be to find the perfect partner.

Website and Mobile Version

The layout of the Cougars Prey site is tidy and uncomplicated, so locating the registration form is a breeze. It can be found in the top right corner of the page. Many features are available for free, but if you want to expand your social circle and talk to multiple people, then you will need to purchase a premium plan. There are a number of plans to choose from, each with different prices. The platform has an Android mobile application available, which you can either browse on your phone or download and install. With the Cougars Prey app, you can access the website anytime, anywhere without needing to use a laptop or desktop computer.

Special Features

Cougars Prey offers a variety of unique features:

Cougars Prey mobile
  • Unlimited chat is an excellent choice since you can converse with as many matches as you want simultaneously. Furthermore, premium members have access to this feature.
  • Even if you don’t have a membership, you can still get more search options.
  • Cougars Prey subscribers can even exchange videos and images with other members and view full-size profile pictures.
  • Additionally, there is the Looking for a feature which allows you to tell matches what you are looking for.
  • The Like Gallery is an exciting component where you can look at other people’s profile pictures and give them likes.
  • Lastly, the service allows you to send a single message to multiple people at once.

Partner Search

Cougars Prey offers ideal search criteria tailored to your specific needs for finding a partner, without relying on any automated search algorithms. This ensures you can accurately judge the website and find the perfect match for you.

For example, if you are in New York, your search results will be optimized and tailored to your needs more than if you reside in any other state. You have the power to determine the parameters of your search and can find the best match for your needs by following the specified structure:

  • Identify a location within 40 miles (which can be adjusted if necessary).
  • Determine the desired age range.
  • Specify the gender.

It is essential to carry out the search mentioned above. Now, let’s discuss some search filters:

  • Verify if the intended match has an avatar.
  • Your intimate desires.
  • The shade of eyes you desire.
  • Country of origin.
  • Weight.
  • Stature.
  • Hue of the hair.
  • What kind of body piercings do you prefer?
  • The kind of tattoo or without any tattoos.

These are the tailored techniques to find your ideal mate. You have more in-depth possibilities for finding the perfect partner. If you don’t have a subscription, Cougars Prey platform offers complimentary messages to distinct individuals simultaneously. It is a method of connecting, but if you wish to communicate further, go for a paid membership.

How Does Cougars Prey Work?

The website has been designed for users in mind, making it easy to use. Even without a paid account, you can still browse profiles, add them to your favorites, and search for the Like Gallery option, where you can like others’ profiles for free. To send messages to other members, you must have a membership, but you do get five messages for free. There is also a three-day free trial, plus the tool which allows you to send messages to people based on your search parameters.

Searching Options and Filters at Cougars Prey

Exploring the Like Gallery is one of the ways to look for a partner, where you can view different profiles of singles. An additional option is to utilize the search tool to be more specific in your search. You can filter based on characteristics such as appearance, lifestyle, age range, location, sexual orientation, and more. This will allow you to customize the list of members that appear. Furthermore, you can also check their profile pictures and videos for added information.

Communication Methods

It is important to be aware of the various methods of connecting members. There are two primary ways of communication.

  1. The private messaging
  2. The chat feature

Premium members have access to private messaging, while those without a subscription cannot. The chat feature allows users to send five messages simultaneously to five different matches, and a three-day trial is available without charge.

An alternative method of communication is the Like Gallery; here you can browse through the profiles of other members and give them a like.

Cougars Prey Alternatives

If you’re not a fan of the website or don’t want to purchase a premium plan, there are other dating sites available to choose from.

Free Membership Features

The free membership features include:

  • Set up an account at no cost.
  • Check out other user profiles.
  • Utilize the search function.
  • View the gallery.
  • Add profiles you like to your favorites.
  • The most thrilling feature is being able to chat with five different matches per day.

Is Cougars Prey Really Safe?

Ensuring safety should be the primary focus when reviewing a website. Read our dating site reviews here. This service has an email verification step that verifies your account and safeguards it at the same time. Additionally, the profile pictures are examined to avoid any fraudulent or fake profiles. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this and communicate only with members whose profile is complete and verified.

Cougars Prey security is bolstered by SSL encryption, meaning even the email verification process is secure.

Customer Support

If a member is having difficulty or needs assistance, they can first consult the FAQ section. If they still cannot find an answer to their query, they can contact us at [email protected].


Cougars Prey dating site is a social media-style platform for kinksters and fetish fans, providing an environment where adults can explore and share their popular and unpopular fetishes. With its mission to “Help people feel comfortable with who they are sexually”, the site is highly sex-positive and encourages a supportive community spirit. Furthermore, its Facebook-style feed promotes a safe and secure space for users to express themselves.

Cougars Prey dating site: popular for short-term and long-term relationships ✔️ Free and paid versions ✔️ LGBT, BDSM, kink, and fetish friendly.
Trust & Fairness
Ease of Use
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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Looking for an open-minded dating site? Check out Cougars Prey! This dating site is perfect for those seeking both short-term and long-term relationships, as well as one-night stands. It's also popular among the LGBT, BDSM, kink, and fetish community. Plus, it's available to people of all ages, both free and paid versions. Read our Cougars Prey review and join an open-minded community today!

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